Poker Planning Pokemon


An app that helps agile teams do poker plannings with some random Pokemons.

React Router 6.4 talk


I gave a talk at my company about the benefits of building a React CSR app with React Router v6.4. Links of the demos in the slides.



A simple Jest inspired Deno library that asserts the return value of a function given some parameters and console.log the result. I use it to easely test my LeetCode exercices.

Mantine Stack


Open source Remix starter kit based on the Remix Indie Stack and powered by Mantine

Portail RH

2021 - now

Full Stack Engineer on a Human Resource Management Software for accountants and their companies, and Developer Advocate for Fulll’s frontend developers.

Castres Management System


Lead and front-end developer of the new version of the internal Castres Management System (ERP) that manage all the operations of the company.

Inspire API


API that aggregates, contextualizes and personalizes content for in-flight, destination and airport services for Air France and KLM.

Contact API


Application that manages all contact points available on Air France and KLM websites. Beginning of the rewriting of the application with Spring Boot, Java 11, and Angular 8.

Test Report


Open source small application that generate JSON and PDF reports on newly developed features for Jira managed projects. Currently being rewritten with Svelte 3 and Tailwind CSS.

Stela 3


New version of Stela 2 built with modern technologies and a microservice architecture.

Annuaire UCA


Semantic Web directory applicaiton that aggregates the contacts and organizations of the members of the Université Côte d’Azur group.

Stela 2


Third-party transmission application for official document validations of the french local authorities.

Aéroports Voyages


In my second internship, I was part of the team that developed a flight booking application. It was my first app based on a modern development framework.

IT Service Management software


The first application that I developed, an IT Service Management software for a start-up company I worked for as an intern.